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July 03, 2012


Tracks 1 - 10 JJ Gilmour: Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards Produced by JJ Gilmour & Deimos Valerkou Recorded and Mixed by Deimos Valerkou Recorded @ Sounds WorkShop, Jersey Track 11 JJ Gilmour: Vocals, Guitars & Harmonica Kevin Hupp: Drums & Percussion Jack Petruzelli: Electric Guitar & Keyboards John Conte: Bass Guitar Daniel Wise: Keyboards, Guitars & BV's Libby Johnson: BV's Produced and Mixed by Daniel Wise

Acoustic P.A.L

A lot of people commented that they really love the acoustic versions of the songs from the album that I perform live, so we digitally remastered the demos that the great Deimos did with me in Jersey (Channel Islands) and acoustic P.A.L. is the result.