January newsletter

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The Sage Newcastle

January Newsletter
Hello Friends and Fans and a Happy and peaceful New Year to you all. I always find and I’m sure many of you do too this time of year a very refelctive time, a time to think about where you came from and where you’re planning on going next. Like the old pic on the left taken in Coney Island N.Y during the recording of my first solo album sunnyside P.A.L I’m somewhat older in my years. Next month I’ll be 52 and even though I’m phisically slowing down sometimes I still wanna take the world on. That’s unlikely so in 2016 I’ll keep my aim real and focus heavily on the release of my 4th solo album (The GOOD GUYS always win) I’ll inform you all of it’s progress as we go along and also on how I plan to finance the album hopefully with your help.

Since moving back in late 2014 from Ireland to Scotland I’m hooking up with old acquaintances I haven’t spoken to in years and meeting new friends and fans. This has led to me thankfully to playing more concerts especially in Scotland and this month I’ll play Celtic Connections, It’s the first time I’ve played at CC since I was with my old band The Silencers back in 96. Phil and I will be sharing the bill with Linden on the 27th at Oran Mor it should be a great night. Tickets for this and all of my gigs can be found here at the live page and we also have dates coming up in Lathones (St Andrews) 30th JanuaryFalkirk 13th February and I’m performing my very first Scottish house gig too for hillgigs in Stirling on the 20th February.

4ORTFEST 26TH & 27TH February

Lastly I want to confirm to you all that as well as my old friend Joe Donnely from The Silencers & The Skerryvore boys Alec & Alan joining us at 4ORTFEST this year  we’ll also be joined by Toy Tin Soldier AKA (Joe Gallagher) a great singer songwriter. I’m also welcoming back my young proteje Sean Kennedy who’s now released his first solo album. I’m hoping this month to announce another very special guest for 4ORTFEST so please keep an eye out for that.

Tickets for 4ORTFEST can only be purchased by ringing the number below from Monday to Friday 9am till 7 pm. So to get great deals on weekend hotel and gig SPECIAL OFFERS RING HERE 01776 810333.

Till the next time my dear chums take care luv luv luv
JJ (Jinky) Gilmour XxX