July 2017 newsletter

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Friends and Fans
It’s been a couple of months since my last newsletter so apologies for that. May & June flew by but that’s what happens when you’re busy. Anyhoo what’s been happening then?

At last somebody has finally recognised my new album release. This months Musicians Union wrote a brief but complementary review as you can see by the picture I’ve added.

Can I ask you to Please share this newsletter to help me tell more people about DiX. Share this link here https://madmimi.com/p/adc86a/preview

Especially BBC Scotland as we need regional support if nothing else. You can buy your copy of DiX here on this site over at the shop Buy DiX

My old Silencers friend Joe Donnelly and I are just about to launch our website and have just finished mastering all our tracks at Abbey Road with the Miles Showel. The website should be live in the next 24 hours here www.caezar.co.uk
You can buy our first EP Vinyl release or download it here https://vertereacoustics.com/store1/
We are planning to do some shows at the end of the year early next year. It’s a cool project and Joe and I are delighted to be informing you all about it.

After having performed a great gig with Phil and Seonaid Aitken at the HAC in Irvine for the Freckfest gang.
My next show will be on August 19th for the Milngavie Folk Club at the Fraser centre The last show was great there and I look forward to going back.

You can buy your tickets Milngavie Tickets over at the live dates page here on the site
Milngavie tickets

Delighted to inform all my fans living in France that i’m coming back in late August through till mid September to do a series of acoustic solo shows. I can’t wait to get back after a good few years of exile. Sadly I don’t have my youth to bring with me but here’s an old picture which you can bring along to the gigs to see how much I’ve changed he he.

Dates, towns and city’s for these concerts are TBC but we’ll be back to you soon. Keep an eye on my website and social media pages for updates. I also plan to get back to Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Germany. But one foot in front of the other for the moment.

Luv Luv Luv JJ XxX