50 RPM

If you speak to any musician who gigs, whether they are starting out or are established, they will tell you that finding a great venue is something special. You tend to find that the most special places to play are run by those who genuinely love music. The type of people who do it not for the money but because they just have a passion for live music. As a touring musician, to have a venue that is well run, well promoted, with a great sound system and friendly staff is something we all want, along with a descent fee of course. As a Coatbridge boy myself, we were lucky enough to have had a great venue in the shape of Berits & Brown but as many of you know it has sadly closed. While it was a great venue, what really made it different was the people who ran it. Intimate Gigs put on shows that you knew no matter who it was playing, was going to be a great gig. They attracted acts to the area that previously just would have bypassed us and actively promoted live acts, like Chas n Dave, Nick Kershaw, Joh Goldie, Glenn Tilbrook, Kiki Dee, Jon Gomm, Howard Jones, Black, Eleanor McEvoy, Blue Rose Code and many, many others. You could tell they cared and this was evident in the way acts were treated and the way the gigs were run.

With Berits & Brown closing, it was no longer viable to keep Intimate Gigs going but not wanting quality live music to stop in the area, the team behind Intimate Gigs developed the idea of 50rpm. 50rpm is a simple idea. A music co-operative of 50 like-minded people who want to keep live music in the area. Think of it as crowd funding if you like but in reality it is a membership scheme where 50 members pay £100 per year and for that they get entry to a minimum of 12 gigs a year. So simple but what a great idea.

For it to work it needs 50 people to sign up and this is where they need your help. I don’t want to see live music disappear from the area. Having places like this is vital to guys like me and countless other musicians out there but it is also important to me as a music fan and lover of live music. If you can, please get involved and join me in signing up to make sure this great idea gets off the ground. Let’s keep music live and local. They are nearly at the target of 50 and just need that extra support locally to get it over the line.
There is a facebook group been set up to find out more and ask questions, so head over to www.facebook.com/groups/50rpm and request to join. You can also find out more at www.50rpm.co.uk
Just a thought, would be great if there are any local businesses who fancy getting involved by sponsoring it.
luv luv luv JJ X