The Jersey Sessions

December 12, 2014
JJ Gilmour
P.A.L Records
Producer: Deimos Valerkou
Number of discs: 1

The Jersey Sessions were recorded at Sounds Workshop in Jersey, Channel Islands by Deimos Valerkou between 1999 and 2006.

Deimos the masterful engineer has a great ear so we decided that If I was going to get interest from any labels at that time we’d need evidence of what I was writing, so we set to recording my demo ideas. We started off with just recording a couple of tunes and then it snowballed. I was annoying D constantly to get studio time to put more and more down till we finally had about thirty five songs.

It was during those years that I started working with a French label & German label Edel and went to New York City to record my first solo album sunnyside P.A.L. I was working with great guys like Dan Wise (Scissor Sisters, Joan Osbourne) who produced the record and Grammy Award winner Michael Brauer (The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, John Mayer) who mixed it. Michael loved the vocal effect so much on one of the Jersey Sessions demos that he had me telephone Deimos from NYC to find out HOW he’d got that effect… How’s that for a feather in your cap Deimos?

Whilst listening back to some of these early recordings and also after Deimos helped me once again this time by mastering the songs I decided to release them.

I hope you enjoy ‘The Jersey Sessions’ as much as we did recording them. Some days we never did any recording we just talked and talked. Good days Deimos… Good days. Thank you. LUV LUV LUV JJ x

Released December 12th 2014

Recorded & mixed By Deimos Valerkou
Mastered by Graeme Duffin
Sleeve Design Karl Parsons
JJ Gilmour: Vocals: Acoustic Guitars, Harmonica
Deimos Valerkou: Programming, Keyboards
Kris Watts : Piano, Keyboards, Electric Guitar
James Angus: Bagpipes (All About Me)
Andy Wilkinson: Acoustic guitar solo (Holy Moses)
Conrad Byrne: Banjo (All about me)