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Acoustic P.A.L


Acoustic P.A.L is the acoustic demos that would eventually become sunnyside P.A.L.

1. Me and You
2. July Don’t Lie
3. Smile
4. Jenny Fly
5. Believe Me Now
6. I Can’t Escape The Ghost
7. Already Sold
8. Spy
9. Road Movie
10. Simon’s Song
11. You Were Never Alone

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A lot of people commented that they really love the acoustic versions of the songs from the album that I perform live, so we digitally remastered the demos that the great Deimos did with me in Jersey (Channel Islands) and acoustic P.A.L. is the result.

Tracks 1 – 10
JJ Gilmour: Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards

Produced by JJ Gilmour & Deimos Valerkou
Recorded and Mixed by Deimos Valerkou
Recorded @ Sounds WorkShop, Jersey

Track 11
JJ Gilmour: Vocals, Guitars & Harmonica
Kevin Hupp: Drums & Percussion
Jack Petruzelli: Electric Guitar & Keyboards
John Conte: Bass Guitar
Daniel Wise: Keyboards, Guitars & BV’s
Libby Johnson: BV’s

Produced and Mixed by Daniel Wise

All Tracks written by JJ Gilmour