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DiX is JJ’s 4th studio album and features a stipped back set of songs of vocals, pianos and strings.

1. You and Me
2. The Good Guys Always Win
3. Superhero Nice Guys
4. The Cynical Man
5. Ain’t Life A Funny Thing
6. Glasgow Town
7. I Guess That’s Why They Call It Moving On
8. The Lighthouse
9. You’re Back Again
10. Over and Out

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Released April 10th 2017.

All songs by JJ Gilmour
Produced, mixed & mastered by Sandy Jones
Recorded at FML Studios, Wishaw, Scotland | www.foundrymusiclab.com
Artwork: Trufflepig | www.trufflepig.net

JJ Gilmour: Vocals, Piano & Guitar
Jarlath Henderson: Uilleann Pipes (on You’re Back Again)
Sarah Ayoub: Cello
Phil Kane: Piano
Seonaid Aitken: Violin
Sandy Jones: Organ & Nylon String Guitar (on Ain’t Life A Funny Thing)