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Live At Cottiers


This live album was recorded in 2006 at Cottiers theatre in Glasgow’s West End.

1. Jenny Fly
2. July Don’t Lie
3. The Kings Daughter
4. Cecilia
5. Wild Child
6. Me and You
7. Smile
8. Believe Me Now
9. The American Dream
10. I Might Give In
11. All About Me
12. Spy

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Released July 18th 2006.

JJ Gilmour: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Phil Kane: piano, accordian, vocals
Benny Gallagher: vocals on ‘Believe me now’
Jonny Allen: Violin
Thomas Dean: Violin
Robert Anderdson: Cello
mastered by Graeme Duffin www.foundrymusiclab.com
Cover and artwork by Karl Parsons