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Slocomotion is JJ’s 3rd studio album.

1. I Wanna Live In Dreams
2. Nothing’s Gonna Bring Me Down
3. Deborah
4. All I Want Is You
5. Cecilia
6. The Cowboy Lament
7. The Day We Kissed The Summer Goodbye
8. I’m Losing You
9. It Won’t Go Away
10. Stay With Me (Tonight)
11. Dream Day Dog
12. Everybody’s Song

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Released July 4th 2012.

JJ Gilmour: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals & Omnichord
Phil Kane: Piano & Keys
Jack Petruzzelli: Electric Guitar & Omnichord
Paul Casey: Acoustic Guitar
Nick Scott: Electric Bass & Double Bass
Liam Bradley: Drums & Percussion
Cha Burns: Vocals & Guitar on Dream Day Dog

Produced & Mixed by JJ Gilmour & Paul Casey
Recorded in a House on a Hill
Karl Parsons: Photography, Sleeve Art & Design

All songs written by JJ Gilmour except ‘Dream Day Dog’ written by Cha Burns.